WtF is IoT Campaign


Role: Project Manager + Designer

Dates: April - May 2018

Tools: InDesign

The Project

In the Spring of 2018, Northeastern’s IoT Open Innovation Lab held the Northeastern University Media, Design, and Marketing Campaign Challenge—the university’s first ever design and marketing hackathon.

This challenge involved developing graphic designs and marketing strategies to implement a campaign for a real community-wide innovation event. This event surrounded the topic of the Internet of Things for Northeastern’s 250,000 alumni, students, staff, and faculty. About 50 teams entered the competition by submitting their initial campaign proposals and designs. Our team was selected amongst 4 other teams to participate in the second round of the competition, where we were given the opportunity and resources to implement our ideas and launch our campaigns. Winners were determined by analytics and evaluations from over 100 industry expert judges in media, design, marketing, and technology. Our team won Best Marketing Strategy and Best Media Design.

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In collaboration with Cara Jennings and Sam Gugliemotto, we built our campaign around the concept, “WtF is IoT?”. With a colloquial tone that touched upon the complexities of the Internet of Things, we targeted Northeastern community members that may be unfamiliar with the term and tech space.

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After nailing down our concept, our team needed to solidify our brand and messaging so that our collateral would be uniform across all mediums – so we created a brand book. We wanted to keep the colors warm and engaging as to attract target audiences, and therefore created a color palette with pink and purple hues.


In addition to colors, we found ourselves with a consistent pattern of rectangles that mimicked a video game intonation within the IoT space. We utilized this repeated design across most of our collateral to increase conformity amongst channels.

After designing different media, we decided to integrate ten unique QR codes into some of our designs so that we could monitor data analytics and see how our campaign was progressing in the digital space.

brand book

You can view the entire Branding Book PDF version here.

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